Summer is almost here, which means it’s time to start planning beach trips and poolside barbecues. Wherever you wind up, you’ll want the right swimwear.

For all the fun that comes with new a swimsuit, there’s a lot to consider: Do you know what to look for in swimwear? Is comfort more important than quick-drying materials? Are you in the market for classic polyester, or are you looking for a more technical material?

Fortunately, we’re here to help. Here’s a look at what makes a good swimsuit, which materials you’ll want to consider, and how Jack Adams can make your summer more comfortable than ever.

What Makes a Good Swimsuit?

Not all swimsuits are created equal. You’ll want to account for a few factors before picking out a pair. Here’s what to keep in mind while shopping:

  • Durable: You’ll want a tough material that retains its color after repeated washings, resists chlorine, and won’t fade after prolonged UV exposure.
  • Comfortable: Life’s too short to walk around in too-tight swimsuits and uncomfortable materials. Polyester and Microsense are two materials designed for maximum comfort.
  • Stylish: Let’s be honest: You want to look good in your trunks. Find a material and design that defies seasonal style trends and reflects your personal taste.
  • Protection: Tight-fitting swimwear can feel restrictive and unpleasant. That’s why our swimwear comes outfitted with a loose-fitting pouch. You’ll enjoy additional comfort, and your goods will be protected.

Is Polyester Swimwear Right For You?

Vintage Racer Polyester Swimwear
Vintage 1″ Racer Polyester Underwear

Polyester is easily the most popular swimwear material, and for good reason. Polyester swimsuits:

  • Resist Chlorine: If you spend more time in the pool than at the beach, a polyester swimsuit will stand up to harsh chemicals.
  • Keep Their Color: Polyester swimsuits maintain vibrant colors longer than other materials and won’t fade after UV exposure.
  • Resist Pilling and Other Signs of Wear: Polyester won’t pill—and lasts longer than less-durable materials.

Interested in polyester swimwear? Our Team 1″ Racer offers a stylish, yet sporty look, while our Vintage 1″ Racer promises a retro design with forward-thinking benefits (including a lightweight material that dries quickly).

Is Microsense Swimwear Right For You?

Atlas 2.0 Microsense Swimwear
Atlas Racer 2.0 Microsense Swimwear

Odds are good your old swimsuits were made from polyester, Lycra, or other popular materials. That said, Microsense is a newer, lighter fabric that deserves your attention. Here’s why:

  • Enjoy Superior Comfort: Made in Europe, Microsense is a breathable microfiber fabric that feels soft against your skin for superior comfort.
  • Resist Chlorine: Pool chemicals won’t degrade your swimsuit.
  • Dry Quickly: Microsense fabric repels water and dries quickly for poolside comfort.

Enjoy the velvety feel of Microsense with our Triumph Boxer Racer, styled with a loose-fit front and comfortable waist finish; our Atlas Racer 1.0, featuring several bold patterns; and our latest swimwear release, the Atlas Racer 2.0.


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