Hugh Jackman is best known for his wide-ranging acting chops, strong singing skills, and well-regarded production work. But, while promoting the film “Date Night” in 2010, the “Wolverine” star raised eyebrows for a whole other reason.

As part of the “Date Night” promotional push, Jackman let it slip that his ideal date includes late-night skinny-dipping at Bondi Beach in Sydney, Australia.

If you’re not looking to follow in Wolverine’s footsteps at the pool or beach this summer, here’s a look at popular swimwear styles—and what sets each apart.

What are the Various Swimwear Styles?

Atlas 1.0 Swimwear - Jack Adams
Our Atlas Racer 1.0 is a classic pair of swim briefs.

With advances in technology, new materials, and changing styles, it can feel overwhelming to comb through the numerous swimwear styles. Fortunately, you don’t have to. Here’s a quick breakdown of the most popular styles:

  • Trunks are most common in the United States and most closely resemble casual shorts. Trunks are usually made from polyester and other quick-drying materials.
  • Board Shorts are a close cousin of trunks. Characterized by longer lengths that might fall past the knee, the style was originally created for surfers and paddleboarders.
  • Square-Cut Shorts sport a boxy look (not unlike trunks) and hug the body for a tight fit. Square-cut shorts usually cover the area between the waist and the upper thigh. Our Triumph Boxer Racer is one example of square-cut shorts.
  • Briefs cover the same basic area as square-cut shorts, but with one notable difference: They’re usually V-shaped and angled, revealing a bit more of the wearer’s leg. (Having trouble picturing swim briefs? Odds are good they’re what you think of when you imagine Speedos.) Our Atlas Racer 1.0 is one classic example of the style.

Which Swimwear Style is Right For You?

Team 1" Racer Swimwear - Jack Adams

There’s no easy answer for finding the perfect style. You’ll want to take several factors into account when deciding on the right swimwear style for a perfect summer:

  • Comfort: What are you most comfortable wearing? Do you feel confident enough to sport a skimpier brief, or would you feel better with a more conservative approach? Our swimwear is designed with a loose-fitting pouch for added comfort—and to protect your own personal X-Men.
  • Ideal Use: Avid swimmers might opt for swim briefs, which offer greater aerodynamics than bulkier board shorts. If you’d rather play in the surf, you might consider a pair of square-cut shorts. Either way, take into account how often you’ll use the swimsuit, how active you’ll be, and how much you’ll move around.
  • Body type: Ideally, you’ll want a style that flatters your body type. If you’re looking to show off your toned thighs, swim briefs are a safe bet; if you’d rather not show much skin, consider a pair of looser trunks.
  • Material: You’ll likely spend several hours in your swimwear, so find a material that feels good on your body. Polyester is the most popular swimwear material, but Microsense is a breathable microfiber fabric that repels water while offering a velvety comfort.

Find the Right Swimwear With Our Summer Sale

Browse our selection of swimwear for a mix of new styles and classic looks, all available in several fashionable patterns and durable materials.

With summer on the horizon, there’s no better time to buy: Between now and May 14, save $10 on any style of swimwear!

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