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Three years ago, Guardians of the Galaxy became the surprise of the summer at your neighborhood multiplex. Anchored by a star-making turn from Chris Pratt, a wisecracking raccoon, and a heroic tree voiced by Vin Diesel, the film earned plaudits for its fun approach to big-budget superhero films.

The gang returns on Friday, May 5, in Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2. We’re as excited as anyone for more outer space hijinx, a rocking ‘70s soundtrack, and the adorable Baby Groot. But we can’t help but wonder: What kind of underwear should the Guardians of the Galaxy rock under those outfits?

Jack Adams Air Trainer Boxer Briefs

Air Trainer Boxer Briefs from Jack Adams
Air Trainer Boxer Briefs from Jack Adams

Perfect for: Peter Quill (a.k.a. Star-lord)

Why He’d Love It: Since being abducted from Earth as a young child, Peter Quill has lived a full life. The half-human, half-alien was raised by Ravagers and fashioned himself as a Han Solo-like smuggler before finding an orb that changed his life and led him to the Guardians of the Galaxy.

Given his outer space adventures, Quill would feel right at home with a pair of Air Trainer Boxer Briefs from Jack Adams. The versatile underwear includes a horizontal fly for quick access when nature calls—perfect for outrunning Thanos—and a contoured, specially-designed pouch to keep Quill’s own personal Infinity Stones supported and safe. The Air Trainers are specially engineered with a micro Lenzing modal that won’t shrink, fade, or pill, giving Quill one less worry when plotting his next daring escape.

Jack Adams Trainer Trunks

Trainer Trunks from Jack Adams
Trainer Trunks from Jack Adams

Perfect for: Drax the Destroyer

Why He’d Love It: When Drax first appeared on screen in Guardians of the Galaxy, one thing was immediately clear: He’d spent some time in the gym.

That’s why he’d love Jack Adams Trainer Trunks. The underwear pairs the athletic support of a jockstrap with the comfort and coverage of traditional underwear, and its full front pouch makes the Trainer Trunks ideal for sports and other strenuous activities (like outrunning Ronan’s henchmen). The underwear’s body-hugging cut keeps it from riding up the thigh while active, and its soft fabric makes it ideal for long trips between planets.

Jack Adams Sport Tek Trunks and Briefs

Sport Tek Briefs from Jack Adams
Sport Tek Briefs from Jack Adams

Perfect for: Rocket

Why He’d Love It: The raccoon-like bounty hunter leads a busy life. Whether he’s looking for his next payday, brawling with Drax, or on the lam from any number of bad guys, Rocket requires a mix of comfort and breathability.

Our Sport Tek Trunks and Sport Tek Briefs offer the blend Rocket needs to keep pace with his busy schedule. Made from a blend of 95% cotton and 5% elastane, our Sport Tek series uses an innovative cotton punch-hole fabric engineered for comfort, breathability, and a hugging form fit.

Underwear Fit for a Hero

Here at Jack Adams, we pride ourselves on offering men’s underwear to fit your lifestyle and your needs. Whether you’re heading to the gym, driving to the office, or saving the galaxy from the forces of evil, we have a pair that meets your needs—and fits your style. Browse our lineup of men’s underwear today.

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