We have a saying here at Jack Adams: “Underwear defined by the man who wears it.”

Nowhere is this more true than with our Air Trainer Boxer Briefs (as featured on Underwear News Briefs). The breathable boxer briefs stand up to a busy life while offering the kind of comfort and support you’ve come to expect from Jack Adams underwear. Whatever the needs, odds are good the Air Trainers are up for the task.

What makes these versatile briefs worth wearing? Here are five reasons you’ll love one of our newest releases:

Take Air Trainers Wherever You Go

Air Trainer Boxer Briefs by Jack Adams
Air Trainer Boxer Briefs

You don’t want to worry about having the right underwear for the right situation. Fortunately, Air Trainers keep you cool and comfortable in almost every scenario.

Wear them to the office, on a cross-country flight, or for a night on the town; wherever you go, you’ll be glad you’re wearing Air Trainers.

Save Time With an Easy-Access Fly

The last thing you want when nature calls is to fumble around with a difficult fly. That’s why we’ve designed a horizontal fly for easy, quick access.

Enjoy Support in All the Right Places

You’ve come to know and love the support offered by Jack Adams’ versatile lineup. Our contoured, specially-designed pouch comfortably supports your goods and offers a less-restrictive approach than most boxer briefs.

But did you know about the additional backside support? Air Trainer Trunks shape and lift your butt for a better feel and more comfortable fit. They offer all the shape of a jock strap without the restrictiveness.

Feel the Softness—Assuming You Feel Anything At All

Air Trainer Boxer Briefs by Jack Adams
Air Trainer Boxer Briefs

Air Trainer Trunks are made from a Lenzing modal material that feels as soft against the skin.

The lightweight, breathable boxer brief moves with your body, and thanks to an elastic material, the waistband won’t cut into your body or restrict your movement.

Count On Air Trainers to Last

You deserve underwear that lasts; fortunately, our Air Trainers will work well with your on-the-go lifestyle.

Whether you’re on the way to dinner, powering through another meeting, or hitting the town after a long day in the office, the Lenzing modal won’t shrink, fade, or pill.

Convinced? See For Yourself

Take the next step toward a more comfortable lifestyle with a pair of Air Trainer Boxer Briefs. The underwear is available in royal blue or black, so you’ll find a color that fits your style.

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