We get it: It’s hard to be comfortable when you’re constantly tugging, pulling, and grabbing at ill-fitting underwear. When you’re not comfortable, you’re not confident. And no man deserves a pair of misshaped, too-tight underwear.

In that mold, we’re proud to showcase our LUX Collection, which includes our specially-designed briefs and trunks. If you’re looking for a more comfortable, luxurious fit, here are five reasons to check out LUX today.

LUX Supports Your Lifestyle

LUX Briefs by Jack Adams
LUX Briefs by Jack Adams

LUX is made for the modern man who appreciates a touch of class in his fashion choices. That means it’s designed for whatever you can throw at it. Whether you’re on the way to an important meeting, enjoying dinner with a special someone, or heading out of town for a business trip, LUX will keep you comfortable through it all.

But That’s Not All LUX Supports

You’ll enjoy plenty of support on the go, but you’ll also be supported where it counts. While other brands can feel constrictive, we know the power of breathability and comfort. LUX sports a contoured pouch that supports your frontside while offering a less restrictive, loose-fitting approach.

LUX Offers a Great Fit

It’s not just about support and comfort; the low-cut LUX is sewn to fit your body. Our briefs and trunks are molded to move with you, saving you the trouble of adjusting throughout the day. No matter your shape or size, LUX feels like it was sewn just for you.

It’s Made With a Luxurious Fabric

LUX Trunks by Jack Adams
LUX Trunks by Jack Adams

The only thing better than a comfortable feel? We think it’s the feeling that you’re wearing nothing at all. Made with a micro Lenzing modal material, LUX fits and feels like a second skin.

The fabric feels cool to the touch, similar in texture to silk or fine cotton. Unlike cotton, however, it resists shrinkage and won’t fade or pill after repeated washings.

Enjoy an Exclusive Offer—SAVE 15%

One of the many reasons to love LUX? For a limited time only, you can SAVE 15% on LUX briefs and trunks. Each is available in four vibrant colors, and you’ll love the look and feel afforded by this stylish collection. Simply use the promo code LUX15 at checkout for exclusive savings through May 15, 2017!

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