Not all underwear materials are created equal. After all, you won’t necessarily want the same pair of underwear for a trip to the gym as you would for a cross-country flight.

The material you choose matters. It can mean the difference between a day when you forget you’re wearing underwear and a day when you’re picking, pulling, and generally counting down the minutes until you can rush home and change into something more comfortable.

There are seemingly dozens of fibers engineered for men’s underwear, and each offers a defining characteristic that sets it apart from the others. Here’s a quick look at a few of those materials—and how Jack Adams uses that material to deliver the comfort, support, and fashion you deserve.


Sport Tek Briefs from Jack Adams
Sport Tek Briefs by Jack Adams use a specially-engineered cotton punch-hole fabric.

Cotton is, far and away, the most common fiber for underwear in the United States and North America. The fiber is cheap, breathable, comfortable, and relatively soft.

That said, cotton absorbs moisture and in turn, takes longer to dry than other materials. This makes it less suitable for rainy-day runs and intense gym trips; you’ll feel heavy and uncomfortable after working up a sweat in conventional cotton underwear.

How We Use It: We offer an innovative take on the popular material. Our Sport Tek Briefs, for instance, use a cotton punch-hole fabric that’s engineered for comfort and breathability.

Lenzing Micro Modal

Underwear made from Lenzing Micro Modal is known for its softness and versatility. Whether you’re lounging around your house or hitting the town, the fabric is up for the job. The luxurious, soft fabric feels similar in texture to silk and cotton, but it offers numerous advantages over the conventional materials.

LUX Briefs by Jack Adams
LUX briefs and trunks by Jack Adams are made from a comfortable Lenzing Micro Modal.

Lenzing Micro Modal:

  • Fits snugly on your body
  • Feels cool to the touch
  • Resists shrinkage and is less likely to fade or pill

How We Use It: Our LUX briefs and trunks add a little class to your fashion game. Make a statement with the classy collection that suits your on-the-go lifestyle with a mix of comfort and support. Similarly, our LUX Drift Collection uses the modal to offer a fit that feels shaped specifically for your body.

(As an added bonus, you can SAVE 15% on LUX briefs and trunks through May 15, 2017! Simply use the promo code LUX15 at checkout to save today!)


Most commonly associated with swimwear, polyester is a synthetic fiber that works well for traditional underwear, as well. The durable, yet light  material resists chemicals, retains its color after repeated washings, and won’t pill or show signs of wear.

The only downside? Polyester doesn’t absorb much moisture, so polyester underwear can feel uncomfortable on warm days or while working out.

How We Use It: Our Hayden Briefs use a slinky material (featuring a mix of polyester and elastane) that hugs your body for support, comfort, and confidence.

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