You’re probably used to underwear that does one or two things well. Maybe it looks good but lacks support. Or perhaps it’s fine for a night out but soaks up sweat at the gym.

It’s in that spirit that we’re excited to share our versatile Cross Train Briefs with you. These stylish briefs have it all: They come in three bold color combinations, offer maximum support where you need it the most, feel soft to the touch, and were created in accordance with environmental best practices.

Here are five reasons we think you could do worse than a new pair of Cross Train Briefs.

Cross Train Is More Stylish Than Your Average Brief

Cross Train Briefs by Jack Adams
Cross Train Briefs by Jack Adams

Here at Jack Adams, it’s not enough to create a comfortable, supportive pair of underwear. We want to produce something stylish, something you wouldn’t mind showing off. That’s why we’re excited to offer three modern color blends, from the sleek white-and-lime mix to the elegant charcoal-and-blue combination. You won’t just feel great, you’ll look great, as well.

Enjoy Maximum Support

Cross Train Briefs are designed for the man who needs a little more room in front, so you’ll enjoy a contoured pouch that gives your bits the protection they need. The protection promises a mix of reliability and comfort.

It’s Great for the Gym—And On-the-Go

That added support comes in handy on the treadmill, stair step machine, or recumbent bike. You’ll appreciate having one less hassle to worry about, and you’ll love that the underwear is designed to move with your body.

Not just that, but the waistband is made from an ultra-soft spandex material that won’t cut into your skin or leave marks afterward.

You’ll Barely Notice Them

Cross Train Briefs by Jack Adams
Cross Train Briefs by Jack Adams

Made with 95 percent cotton, Cross Train Briefs uses the best fiber and design innovations to deliver a soft, lightweight feel. These briefs fit your form but won’t feel like Saran Wrap against your legs, making them perfect for everyday use.

Cross Train Briefs Were Made With Environmental Best Practices in Mind

We do not use any harmful chemicals or color dyes in the manufacturing of our underwear. That means no arsenic or formaldehyde went into the making of your Cross Train Briefs.

Try Our Cross Train Today

Interested in a new pair for the gym? Looking for a casual pair to lounge around in? Our best-selling navy-and-orange Cross Train Briefs offer support, durability, comfort, fashion, and softness.

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