Let’s be real: You’re likely to work out more often when you have comfortable gear. No one wants to slog through a run in a sweat-drenched cotton tank top, and there are few worse feelings than getting outside, only to be stymied by unpredictable weather.

We get it, and that’s why we’re offering this breakdown for choosing the best possible activewear.  From the right materials to planning ahead, we look at what it means to have the right gear for your favored workout.

Skip Cotton

Air Mesh Gym Shorts by Jack Adams
Air Mesh Gym Shorts by Jack Adams

We get it: Cotton’s comfortable, soft, and durable. It feels fine in line at the grocery store, on the couch, and in the boardroom.

But cotton is your worst enemy on the treadmill. Cotton absorbs moisture, which means all that sweat seeps into your clothes—and stays there. That, in turn, weighs you down, takes longer to dry, and leads to uncomfortable chaffing.

Rather, consider a moisture-wicking fabric, which brushes sweat away from the body. Our Air Classic Tank Top, for instance, is made from a dry-fit material that keeps you dry and cool through even the most intense workout. And our Air Mesh Gym Shorts, made from 100 percent polyester, are a practical, lightweight gym companion.

Don’t Forget About Active Underwear

Cross Train Briefs by Jack Adams
Cross Train Briefs by Jack Adams

Male athletes, be they weekend warriors or serious competitors, should consider a jock before working out. Jocks offer additional support and comfort for runners and athletes engaged in contact sports. Even if you’re playing flag football, you’ll want something that keeps your sensitive bits out of harm’s way.

Our Cross Train Briefs, for instance, offer a supportive pouch and moves with your body, making it an essential addition to your gym bag. Its ultra-soft spandex waist won’t cut into your skin or leave marks, and you can take comfort in knowing no harmful chemicals were used in manufacturing.

Find Activewear To Fit Your Ideal Workout

Think about your preferred workout, and choose clothing that suits that activity. For instance: Do you enjoy playing pick-up hoops with friends? If so, you’d want some looser-fitting activewear that won’t restrict movement or slow you down. A dedicated cyclist, however, might consider tighter material that won’t get caught in the chain.

Whatever you choose, ensure it’s comfortable. Whether it’s a body-hugging shirt or pair of baggy shorts, you’ll want clothes that make you feel comfortable and, in turn, more confident.

Take Weather Into Account

If you’re exercising outside, you’ll want activewear that stands up to the elements. Wetter climates should steer clear of cotton—it will retain rain, in addition to sweat. (Even if you go for a hike or bike ride when it’s sunny, you’ll want to prepare for rain—just in case.

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