We’re having a great sale on our Pop Collection this week—more on that later—and we think you’ll love the line’s bold, bright colors.

This line of vibrant, eye-catcthing underwear positively glows beneath your pants, making the already-important choice of color that much more intriguing.

Fortunately, we’re here to help. We’ve looked at each of the Pop Collection’s six vivid colors and want to know: What does your underwear color say about you?

Pop Collection: Cement

Pop Collection Trunks by Jack Adams
Pop Collection Trunks by Jack Adams

You’re all business. You say what needs to be said, and little else. You’re not especially fond of small talk, which is unfortunate—you’re probably the type to arrive five minutes early for meetings.

Your on-the-go, get-stuff-done personality means that you’re probably reading this post on the treadmill, in between drinks at happy hour, or on an excruciatingly long cross-country flight. Fear not: Pop’s ultra-soft cotton makes those flights a bit more bearable.

Pop Collection: Yellow

You’re comfortable enough to sport a pair of underwear the shade of sunflowers and lemons. That’s a good thing, because they’ll be seen from a mile away. You don’t take yourself too seriously, find fun in the little things, and (pardon the phrase) always look on the bright side.

A black, white, and blue-accented waistband adds a touch of seriousness to these otherwise playful pairs.

Pop Collection: Orange

You’re warm, friendly, open, and honest. You might not be the life of the party, but you’re the person everyone turns to when they’ve had one too many to drink. You carry yourself with grace, kindness, and generosity. The sun-colored Pop Collection fits your mood and disposition nearly as well as it fits your body.

The blue-and-white waistband brings to mind lazy afternoons at the pool or floating a mountain river in the middle of summer. The sun shines wherever you go.

Pop Collection: Black

They don’t get much darker than this. Your black trunks, accented only by a tasteful blue-and-white waistband, exude a sense of mystery. You play your cards close to the chest, don’t share every last musing on Facebook, and like to keep people guessing.

And, given the color, they look good with anything. We’re guessing you do, too.

Pop Collection: Surf

Pop Collection Briefs by Jack Adams
Pop Collection Briefs by Jack Adams

No matter how cold or dreary it may be outside, it’s always summer in your mind (and, perhaps, in your pants). Our ocean-colored briefs and trunks bring to mind days at the beach—sunscreen, warm rays, umbrella drink, and all.

Wherever you go, you bring an attitude of “Surf’s up!” and inject a free-flowing dynamic to your interactions and relationships. People appreciate that you’re laid back, fun, and relaxed.

 Pop Collection: Red

Everyone knows when you enter the room. Your big, bold personality is matched only by the striking shade of red. You’re unafraid to express yourself, choose stylish clothes to complement your underwear, and don’t care what others think of your colorful fashion choices. (Don’t worry, they love what you wear and could never see themselves pulling it off.)

You may love your free-spirited fashion choices, but you also appreciate the little things. Our black, white, and red-accented waistband keeps you comfortable while adding a touch of class.

SAVE on the Pop Collection—Limited Time Only!

You might love our Pop Collections for its fashionable colors, but the underwear is more than just good looks. You’ll enjoy a contoured pouch for additional support, an ultra soft cotton material for added comfort, and an athletic fit that moves with you throughout the day.

Can’t decide between colors? Good news: You don’t have to. This week only: Buy three pairs from the Pop Collection, and SAVE 30% on all three! Check out our Pop Collection, and see what catches your eye.


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