If you’re like us, you spend most of your day on one social media channel or another. Maybe you’re watching YouTube at the gym, scrolling through Twitter over drinks at happy hour, snapping photos of dinner for Instagram, or blowing off steam about the day’s news on Facebook.

Jack Adams is right there with you. We have a robust social media presence, where we share sales, the latest news, and exclusive behind-the-scenes content—including, yes, photos from our gorgeous models.

And, over the coming week, we’re running a couple one-day sales exclusively for our social media family. “Like” us on Facebook and follow us on Instagram for the secret discount codes between now and May 26.

Here’s where you’ll find us—and what to expect when you “like” or follow us:

Jack Adams on Facebook

Jack Adams on Facebook

We know your parents use Facebook to post about politics (and that your coworkers won’t stop posting cute cat photos), but we think you’ll love our page. There we share the latest seasonal gear, our newest releases, links to limited-time sales, and much more.

Don’t worry: We’ll leave the political rants and memes to your second cousin and high school classmates.

(Insider tip: Facebook is also a great way to get in touch if you have customer service questions. We do our best to reply within one business day!)

Jack Adams on Instagram

Jack Adams on Instagram

Instagram’s photo-forward focus makes it the perfect place to show off our latest releases. You’ll get sneak peeks at upcoming sales, behind-the-scenes photos of our lovely models, images from happy customers, shots of our various lines, and so much more.

Jack Adams on Twitter

Jack Adams on Twitter

No, we aren’t posting about our lunch (unlike the rest of Twitter). Rather, you’ll get the very latest from Jack Adams, including links to our twice-weekly newsletter (have you subscribed yet?), photos from satisfied customers, scoops on the latest releases, and more.

(Featured photo courtesy of Jason Howie / Flickr)

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