When the first “Pirates of the Caribbean” movie arrived in theaters nearly 15 years ago, few thought the beloved amusement park ride would become one of Disney’s biggest blockbusters in history. In the years since, however, Johnny Depp’s swashbuckling Jack Sparrow has grossed billions of dollars at the box office worldwide.

The fifth and latest film in the supernatural series, Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Men Tell No Tales, arrives in theaters on Friday, May 26, 2017. In “Dead Men Tell No Tales,” the evil Captain Salazar escapes from the Devil’s Triangle and sets out to kill every pirate at sea—including Jack Sparrow. The down-on-his-luck Sparrow, in turn, forms an unlikely alliance to save his life and stop Captain Salazar.

Depp famously based his Sparrow performance on Keith Richards (of Rolling Stones fame) and cartoon character Pepé Le Pew. And, over the course of those films, he’s earned a rightful reputation as something of a bad boy on the high seas.

We know that Depp wears women’s underwear under his Sparrow costume, but we’re curious: What would Jack Sparrow wear under that outfit? We have a few ideas.

Pop Collection: For a Splash of Color

Pop Collection Briefs and Trunks by Jack AdamsFor all his flamboyance, Jack Sparrow’s outfits sure are drab. Outside a dirty red bandana, Sparrow usually sports a stained hat, ugly brown vest, and scruffy white shirt.

We’d like to think Sparrow might enjoy a bit of color to liven things up. Specifically, he’d love one of the six vibrant colors from our Pop Collection. The bright red briefs would complement his bandana, while the line’s lively blue hue brings to mind sunny days on the high seas. For a more daring look, we think he’d appreciate the striking yellow briefs or trunks—almost as bright as buried treasure.

Cross Train Jock: For Added Support

Jack Sparrow gets into his fair share of brawls, so couldn’t he use a little support where it counts?

Our Cross Train Jock offers additional support, keeping Sparrow’s own personal gold coins supported and out of harm’s way. The jock offers a great fit, moving with Sparrow’s body as he fights off hordes of enemies or ducks out of harm’s way. Not just that, but the design and material will keep him comfortable, long after he’s found the Fountain of Youth and fought off Blackbeard.

Lux Fulcrum Collection: For a Life on the Run

Lux Fulcrum Briefs and Trunks by Jack AdamsFor all his swashbuckling smarts, Jack Sparrow manages to get captured, run from undead enemies, and face off against supernatural pirates with alarming regularity.

With our LUX Fulcrum line of athletic underwear, he’ll be ready for whatever the paranormal world throws his way. The micro Lenzing modal material and form-fitting cut ensure a great fit, so Sparrow won’t have to tug, pull, and grab while negotiating his next moves and escape. The kinetic mesh side panel, meanwhile, will keep Sparrow cool and dry while escaping almost-certain death.

(Featured photo by Paul Horner / Flickr)

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