Every summer, millions of friends, couples, and families head to the beach for fun in the sand, cold drinks on the patio, and beautiful sunsets beyond the horizon.

If you’re joining the crowds at the coast this summer, you’ll want the underwear, swimwear, and activewear suited to your sunny destination.

Not all beaches are created equal, so we’ve come up with a guide to coastal destinations around the United States–and which gear you’ll want for each.

Whatever you do, though, don’t forget the sunscreen.

Oregon Coast – Comfortable Shorts and Pants

Yoga Shorts by Jack AdamsJack Adams is based in Portland, Oregon, less than two hours from the Oregon Coast. We love the coast’s rocky features, breathtaking viewpoints, and invigorating hikes, but we know better than to recommend our fashionable swimwear. Even at the height of summer, it only takes a few minutes to lose feeling in your legs while playing in the water off Seaside or Cannon Beach.

Whether you’re practicing downward-facing dog on the beach or hitting one of the coast’s scenic hiking trails, we’d suggest a pair of Yoga Shorts. The breathable shorts offer a minimalist design for additional comfort and flow with your every move.

Once the sun sets and temperatures plummet, slip into our Relaxed Pants to keep warm. The lightweight pants are made with a mix of cotton and elastane for luxurious comfort, and you’ll love how they show off your body.

Santa Monica – Stylish Swimwear

Atlas 2.0 Microsense SwimwearWhen enjoying the sunny climates of Southern California, you deserve some swimwear to fit the stylish scene.

Our latest release, Atlas Racer 2.0, offers an uncommon mix of style and comfort. The bright, colorful swimwear is made from Microsense, a microfiber fabric that feels like velvet against your skin. It’s styled with a loose-fit front for added flexibility and dries quickly for additional convenience.

Meanwhile, our Vintage Racer is available in new colors this summer. You’ll love the stylish retro vibe, a comfortable lightweight feel, and the quick-drying material.

Florida – A Versatile Blend

Triumph Boxer Racer by Jack AdamsDeciding what to wear can be tough when visiting Florida. On one hand, its turquoise waters invite swimming, floating, lounging, and general relaxation. Then again, the Sunshine State’s khaki-colored beaches are perfect for naps, sunbathing, and hours of relaxation.

Prepare for all the possibilities with our Triumph Boxer Racer. Triumph is made from Microsense, a microfiber fabric that promises a velvety comfort while lounging around on shore. The quick-drying material, meanwhile, ensures you’ll feel fantastic after playing in the water.

(Featured photo by Sean MacEntee / Flickr)

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