With Memorial Day fast approaching, it’s safe to say: Summer is finally here.

Gone are the days of stuffy gyms, cramped hotel workout rooms, and rainy-day runs. Now that the sun is shining and temperatures are rising, it’s time to get outside for summertime workouts.

No matter your workout of choice, Jack Adams is excited to offer underwear, shorts, tanks, and more to suit your needs and ensure a great day outdoors. Here’s a look at some of the most popular summer workouts, what to look for in activewear, and how Jack Adams can help.

Find the Right Hiking Shorts

Yoga Shorts by Jack AdamsFew workouts demand more of their participants than hiking. You may sweat through thigh-burning ascents, trails that never seem to end, and unholy combinations of heat and humidity in the middle of nowhere—all while surrounded by unsavory critters, bugs, and snakes.

Yet there may be no better reward than enjoying expansive viewpoints from atop a summit, or marveling at the power of nature from the foot of a waterfall.

Make the journey a little sweeter with our Yoga Shorts. The breathable fabric keeps you dry and cool, and the stretch waistband offers a touch of comfort. And with a sleekly minimalist design, you’ll look good, as well (never an easy task when sweating through an arduous hike).

Stay Cool on the Kickball Field

Sport Tek Trunks by Jack AdamsSure, kickball in the park seems like a fun, relaxing time. But, before you know it, you’ve worked up a sweat running around the bases and chasing down the red rubber ball. And when it happens, you’ll want to be prepared.

Our Sport Tek Trunks guard against chafing and sport a number of innovations designed to keep you cool, dry, and comfortable on the basepaths. Constructed from an inventive cotton punch-hole fabric, Sport Tek is engineered for breathability that limits moisture and keeps your nether regions dry. It doesn’t hurt that they offer a little lift in the back, either.

Protect Yourself While Playing Touch Football

Touch football might be the low-key, laid-back kid brother to its more violent, rugged counterpart, but that doesn’t mean things don’t get rough in the backyard.

Relive your high school glory days with our No. 1874 Jockstrap. The retro jock has been updated for comfort and support with a three-inch waistband and widened rear straps, keeping your own personal footballs protected at all times.

Enjoy On-Court Comfort While Playing Basketball

Relay Air Mesh Tank Top by Jack AdamsIs there any better feeling than channeling your inner Steph Curry on the schoolyard? Do you live to mimic the slinky moves of James Harden? Do you take near-halfcourt shots with all the confidence of Damian Lillard?

Stay comfortable until the final whistle with our Relay Air Mesh Tank Top. The stylish tank, available in red or navy, is made from a breathable mesh that won’t collect sweat and weigh you down. The lightweight, sports-grade polyester fabric gives you freedom to move, whether you’re charging to the hoop like Westbrook or dropping pull-up jumpers like LeBron.

(Featured photo by Stuart Seeger / Flickr)

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