With Memorial Day Weekend on the near horizon, it’s officially time to kick off grilling season. Before long, friends and family will crowd around the barbecue to claim burgers, dogs, steaks, chicken, veggies, and other fresh-from-the-grill goodies.

That got us thinking: Is there a connection between your underwear and what you’re barbecuing this weekend?

At first glance, it seems laughable. But what if there’s a connection between your colorful Pop underwear and bold meat choices? Does your fondness for our sexy Athletic underwear correlate with a love for good-looking cuts of steak?

Here’s a look at what you’re wearing–and what it says about what you’ll throw on the grill this weekend.

No. 1874 Jockstrap

No. 1874 Jockstrap by Jack AdamsWhy you wear it: You take a back-to-basics approach toward protection and support. Our No. 1874 Jockstrap offers a three-inch waistband and widened rear straps for additional support, but its touch of softness sets it apart from the jocks you wore back in high school.

What it says about your grilling preferences: You don’t take any chances protecting the boys, and you take the same approach to your Memorial Day barbecues. You like your meat well-done, with a little char and the bare minimum of pink.

Pop Collection Trunks and Briefs

Why you wear it: You like to venture off the beaten path, and your underwear choice reflects that trailblazing spirit. You love the Pop Collection’s six bright colors, the supportive pouch, and a comfortable cotton material.

What it says about your grilling preferences: No boring burgers for you. You love the Pop Collection’s bright, vibrant colors, so you pair that with a similarly bold choice at the barbecue. Enjoy your bacon-wrapped hot dog; we’re all envious.

Athletica Collection Trunks and Briefs

Athletica Briefs by Jack AdamsWhy you wear it: You’ve come to expect daylong comfort from Jack Adams, but our Athletica Collection raises the stakes with a sexy pattern and cut designed to show off your body. The piqué fabric promises a soft, breathable brand of comfort, and the pattern adds a touch of playfulness to your day.

What it says about your grilling preferences: You like a sexy pair of underwear, so it’s no surprise you love an Instagram-worthy cut of steak. Your meat comes off the barbecue with perfectly-angled grill marks, the inside is the perfect shade of pink, and there’s nary an ounce of fat to be found.

(Featured image by Ginny / Flickr)

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