Every year, millions of Americans attend 800 music festivals throughout the United States. Most of these festivals occur over the summer, when beloved groups reunite, smaller stars break through, and the biggest names in music make waves with exciting sets.

We love the festival experience as much as anyone, but the reality doesn’t always measure up to what we imagined when buying our tickets.

High temperatures, heavy crowds, and a startling lack of shade are almost as common at festivals as last year’s next up-and-coming breakout act. It’s important, then to wear comfortable clothing that keeps you cool, dry, and happy all day long—unless, of course, you’re in the heart of the moshpit.

Whether you’re attending a bluegrass festival in the Great Smoky Mountains, a counterculture festival in the Southwest desert, or a beloved blues fest on the banks of a Northwest river, here’s a quick, three-step guide to keeping cool at music festivals this summer.

Step One: Stylish Tank

Newport Tank by Jack AdamsT-shirts might offer a bit more protection from the sun, but we’re partial to a comfortable tank for enjoying the musical marathon. Tanks are more breathable, lightweight, and—let’s be honest—downright fashionable.

Our Newport Tank expertly blurs the line between stylish and functional. It comes in four playful colorways and looks just as good at the gym as in the crowd. Made from a European cotton blend, it feels soft against your skin for added comfort and offers breathability that keeps you cool until the headliner’s encore.

Step Two: Breathable Shorts

Sure, you could wear jeans to a music festival, but we think you’ll spend more time seeking out shade than jockeying for the best views.

That’s why we’d recommend our X Factor Rugby Shorts for lightweight comfort that doesn’t sacrifice fashion. The X Factor Rugby Shorts are made from the latest European polyester fabric, giving it a soft, smooth, and flexible feel. The vertical stripes on the side add a little flair, and you’ll love the comfort afforded by the adjustable drawstring.

Step Three: Comfortable Underwear

Striker Trunks by Jack AdamsThe coolest clothes at the festival won’t matter if you’re sweating through your underwear. (When temperatures soar north of 90 before you’ve finished your first PBR, you know you’re in trouble.)

To that end, stay cool with a pair of Striker Trunks. These athletic trunks are designed to stand up to exhausting conditions. The breathable design wicks away moisture, a contoured pouch offers stylish support, and the soft cotton blend keeps you comfortable all day long.

(Featured Photo by Minamie / Flickr)

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