Buoyed by Pamela Anderson and a healthy dose of campy comedy, the television series “Baywatch” became a cultural phenomenon in the late 1990s.

Now, nearly 20 years later, “Baywatch” returns to the screen—only this time, the slow-motion running and beach-based hi-jinx take place on the big screen.

The action-comedy film, now in theaters, stars Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson and Zac Efron as lifeguards who try to stop what appears to be a drug-smuggling ring. The two team up to … you know what? You’re not watching “Baywatch” for the plot. You’re watching for the hard bodies, harrowing action scenes, and comedic interplay between Johnson and Efron.

With all the hype, we couldn’t help but wonder: Might Johnson and Efron’s characters have gotten more looks and felt more comfortable in workout gear and swimwear from Jack Adams? Here’s what we think their characters would have enjoyed.

Dwayne Johnson – Varsity Athletic Tank Top and Relaxed Fit Sailor Shorts

Varsity Athletic Tank Top by Jack AdamsFar be it from us to criticize Dwayne Johnson’s chiseled frame, but we think he’d appreciate the Varsity Athletic Tank Top by Jack Adams. The comfortable tank is made from a moisture-wicking polyester—perfect for drying off quickly after daring rescues and intense workouts. It’s designed with a back panel inset that accentuates Johnson’s broad, intimidating shoulders, so he’ll look and feel great for his entire shift.

In between rescues, Johnson’s character might appreciate training in the Relaxed Fit Sailor Short by Jack Adams. The breathable, flowing fabric stands up to his rigorous workout regimen, and the stretchy waistband offers additional comfort. Plus, isn’t it poetic that he’d wear a pair of shorts inspired by the ocean while working at the beach?

Zac Efron – Atlas Racer 2.0 Swimwear

Atlas 2.0 Microsense Swimwear by Jack AdamsZac Efron stars as a disgraced Olympic swimmer trying to rehabilitate his image as a Baywatch lifeguard. Sure, he might have won a pair of gold medals, but we think his standing could improve with some swimwear designed in the United States.

That’s one of the many reasons he’d love Atlas Racer 2.0 swim briefs by Jack Adams. Made from a microfiber fabric called Microsense, the velvety texture feels soft against the skin, whether in the pool or on the beach. Atlas Racer 2.0’s quick-drying fabric will come in handy after rescues, and a loose-fit front is engineered for additional comfort.

(Featured Photo by Tom Adamson / Flickr)

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