It’s a nuisance that plagues millions of American men every summer. In mere minutes, this condition has the uncanny ability to cause discomfort, unleash a miserable odor, and ruin a man’s day. Whether relaxing at a barbecue in humid New Orleans or on a rooftop bar in sunny Seattle, no man is safe from this vicious condition.

We are referring, of course, to swamp ass. And the condition is no laughing matter.

Characterized by sweaty nether regions, swamp ass may lead to unpleasant odors, uncomfortable chafing, uncontrollable itchiness, and undesirable squishiness. It usually occurs after extended periods of physical activity or prolonged exposure to high temperatures.

How can you avoid this dreaded condition? We look at what causes the discomfort and share our solution for combating it this summer.

What Causes Swamp Ass?

Striker Trunks by Jack Adams
Stop swamp ass and stay comfortable with Striker Trunks by Jack Adams.

In so many words: It happens when you get hot and sweaty.

When your body temperature rises and you start sweating—whether due to working out or spending time in uncomfortably warm conditions—that sweat has to end up somewhere.

When you wear cotton underwear, that moisture dries slower than it might with other materials and begins to pool in your nether regions. That causes additional discomfort, increases the chance of chafing, and releases an odor that echos your gym’s crowded locker room. (That’s to say nothing of the unsanitary conditions created by all that moisture in warm, dark spaces, but that’s whole other blog post.)

Our advice? Ditch the cotton if you know you’ll work up a sweat. Look instead for a fabric that wicks away moisture. These materials, including many types of polyester, pull sweat off the skin and let it evaporate through a breathable fabric.

You’ll also want a form-fitting, body-hugging material. This prevents sweat from pooling and speeds up the moisture-wicking process, which keeps you as dry as possible

Striker Trunks by Jack Adams: Your Best Ally in the Battle Against Swamp Ass

Striker Trunks by Jack AdamsSwamp Ass strikes quickly and with little warning, so you’ll want a reliable ally that will fight its effects and keep you cool and dry, no matter the conditions.

We believe that ally is the Striker Trunk by Jack Adams.

We’ve engineered the Striker Trunk to offer game-changing comfort. A kinetic mesh panel prevents chafing and sweaty build-up, and the breathable material improves airflow in warm conditions. We’ve also designed the Striker Trunk to offer a lift in the front and back for a fun, stylish look—it’s as sexy as it is practical.

(Featured photo by Luz Adriana Villa / Flickr)

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