Summer vacation is fast approaching. Whether you’re heading to a cabin in the woods or sharing a beach house with friends, we hope you’ll spend at least some of your summer vacation relaxing—ideally with a cold beverage in hand.

No doubt you’ll keep yourself busy (we have just the gear for that, of course), but you deserve to be cozy in your downtime, as well. Here’s a quick primer on keeping yourself comfortable while hanging out around the house, cabin, yurt, or hotel this season.

Cop a Pair of Soft LUX Underwear

LUX Briefs by Jack AdamsComfort isn’t just about how a material fits and feels. With the most comfortable underwear, you slide a pair on and forget all about it. Whether you’re running to the store, going for a walk, or sitting down to dinner, the best, most comfortable underwear feels like a second skin.

That’s why we think you’ll love our luxuriously soft LUX Collection this summer. We’ve ended the need to tug, pull, and grab at ill-fitting underwear, thanks to a smooth Lenzing MicroModal fabric. The revolutionary material is cool to the touch, absorbent, and feels similar in texture to silk or cotton—only without all that annoying shrinkage, fading, and pilling.

Relax in Style with Comfortable Pants and Shorts

Underwear is just one important piece of a broader loungewear ensemble for men. You’ll want a comfortable pair of pants or shorts to make the most of your downtime and feel fantastic.

We know you love Jack Adams for our athletic-minded underwear and activewear, but we’ve got you covered for after the workout, too.

Relaxed Pants by Jack AdamsOur Relaxed Pants, for instance, deliver a soft, lightweight feel that fits your body perfectly. Made from a soft blend of cotton and elastane, the Relaxed Pants rest on your hip, show off your form, and move with your body. A drawstring waist gives you full control over your comfort.

Want to cool down when the weather heats up? Hang out in our soft, cozy Yoga Shorts. The cotton fabric offers unmatched comfort, and its breathable design keeps you cool—even as temperatures continue to rise. The shorts flow with your every move, and a stretch waistband feels smooth against your hips. The minimalist design adds a subtle sense of style, as well.

(Featured image by Mark Walz / Flickr)

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