We at Jack Adams take pride in being based out of Portland, Oregon. We’re never more than a few hours from rugged beaches, coastal rainforests, the scenic Cascade Range, or the high desert of Central and Eastern Oregon. Whether paddling on the Columbia River, hiking to the foot of a beautiful waterfall, or standing in awe of the Painted Hills, the outdoors is embedded in our DNA.

We hope you feel the same about your city and region, wherever you live. That’s why we’re excited to celebrate Great Outdoors Month throughout June.

Jack Adams’ selection of activewear and athletic underwear is designed to make your outdoor experience more comfortable, fun, and enjoyable. Here’s a look at what we offer—and how you can make the most of your outdoor adventures in June.

Stay Cool and Dry With Breathable Underwear

LUX Fulcrum Trunks by Jack AdamsWhether you’re floating the river on a warm day, hiking to a nearby summit, or cycling through your local backwoods, you’ll want underwear that stands up to sweaty conditions and won’t allow moisture to pool.

For style and substance, consider a pair of or LUX Fulcrum Trunks. You’ll enjoy a body-hugging, yet sexy fit that keeps you cool in the middle of hikes, paddles, trail runs, and more. The fashionable trunks include a vented kinetic mesh side panel for breathability that keeps you cool and dry through an entire workout.

Our Sport Tek Trunks and Sport Tek Briefs offer another sporty, breathable option for long workouts. Made with our innovative cotton punch-hole fabric, we engineered Sport Tek for comfort, breathability, and a hugging form-fit that moves with your body during arduous activities.

Feel Good in Stylish Activewear

Breathable underwear is certainly important, but it’s just as essential you choose high-quality workout gear. Go hiking in thick cotton sweatpants, and you’ll feel weighed down before reaching the summit; likewise, kayaking or canoeing in jeans can leave you feeling wet and heavy hours after you’re back on land.

Relay Air Mesh Gym Shorts by Jack AdamsDon’t take chances with stuffy, uncomfortable gear: Start with a pair of Relay Air Mesh Gym Shorts for fast-drying, breathable comfort. The lightweight shorts are made from a sports-grade polyester that wicks away moisture, improves airflow, and dries quickly for all-day use.

(While you’re at it, why not pair the Relay Air Mesh Gym Shorts with our Relay Air Mesh Tank Top? The tank is made from the same sports-grade, breathable polyester that dries quickly and promises day-long comfort.)

You might also consider a pair of Core Gym Shorts for a touch of class—even in the outdoors. Made from a cotton and elastane blend, the soft shorts show off your body, thanks to a tapered fit and form-hugging cut. The breathable fabric keeps you cool during any workout, and the rear zipper pocket keeps your valuables safe and secure while hiking or running. (The Core Gym Shorts are even available in a camouflage pattern, so you’ll blend right in while hiking or running through the forest.)

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