When the world needs a hero, it’s …. Captain Underpants to the rescue?

Believe it. Now in theaters, “Captain Underpants: The First Epic Movie” features the voices of Kevin Hart and Ed Helms as two childhood friends who hypnotize their principal into thinking he’s a superhero.

The problem is, Captain Underpants doesn’t have any actual superpowers. And when a mysterious scientist shows up with a devious plan to eradicate laughter altogether, Captain Underpants must find a way to save the day.

Based on the bestselling children’s books, we get that the hero of “Captain Underpants” wears tighty-whiteys. But don’t heroes deserve something more than ill-fitting cotton, decades-old fashion, and a total lack of comfort? In our humble opinion, real heroes wear underwear that moves with the body, stands up to the day’s rigors, and delivers breathable comfort.

That got us wondering: What if you had your own superpower—and which pair of Jack Adams underwear is up to the Herculean task? Here’s a quick breakdown.

Pop Collection Trunks and Briefs

Pop Collection Briefs and Trunks by Jack AdamsYour Superpower: Glow in the dark

Your Pair of Underwear: A bold superhero requires a bold pair of underwear. Look no further than Pop Collection briefs and trunks by Jack Adams.

Available in six dynamic colors, the Pop Collection goes beyond the basics to offer a striking, vibrant look. We think Clark Kent might take a liking to our bright red briefs, but the other five colors deliver an energetic look that reflects your taste for vivid fashion.

As if that weren’t enough, Pop Collection is designed for a form-hugging fit that’s fashion forward, but never fussy. Its ultra-soft cotton blend offers superior comfort, as well.

Sport Tek Briefs, Trunks, and Jockstrap

Sport Tek Trunks by Jack AdamsYour Superpower: Leap tall buildings in a single bound

Your Pair of Underwear: So maybe you’re not leaping tall buildings in a single bound or running at the speed of light. Whatever your preferred physical activity, you’ll want a pair of underwear that’s up to the challenge.

The Sport Tek Collection by Jack Adams—including trunks, briefs, and a jockstrap—is your next vital sidekick. Made with our innovative cotton punch-hole fabric, the breathable material keeps you cool, dry, and comfortable—no matter the challenge.

Sport Tek is also engineered with a contoured pouch that offers more support than traditional underwear; this exclusive feature protects and supports your own personal superheroes, prevents chaffing, and keeps your legs dry.

Athletica Trunks and Briefs

Athletica Briefs by Jack AdamsYour Superpower: Look good—all day long

Your Pair of Underwear: No one said it was easy to stay cool and comfortable in a pair of underwear—especially when you’re bouncing between board meetings, going out on the town, or running essential errands.

For the best in durable fashion, consider a pair of Athletica trunks or briefs. The stylish cut sports a sexy pattern to show off your body, and the vintage pique fabric offers an uncommon mix of breathability and comfort. The lightweight, yet fashionable fabric means you won’t have to tug, pull, or adjust throughout the day, so breathe easy: You’ve found a pair that’s as durable as you are.

(Featured image – Zach Dischner / Flickr)

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