You spend the vast majority of your day in underwear, so don’t you deserve something fitting, comfortable, stylish, and functional?

That question inspired us to launch Wash Your Drawers Wednesday. Each Wednesday, we’ll take a look at one topic that focuses on the selection and care of quality underwear. Our tips, suggestions, and resources will help you find the right pair, take care of your drawers, and get the most from your underwear.

Our first post in the series starts at the beginning of the selection process: What should you look for in underwear? There’s a lot to consider, and with dozens of manufacturers, styles, and cuts to consider, the decision isn’t always easy. If you’re confused about choosing the right pair of underwear, here’s a quick primer.

Consider the Cut

Cross Train Briefs by Jack AdamsFirst thing’s first: Think about the style that speaks to you. Each style offers benefits unique to that cut, and each is suited to certain situations. Here’s a quick breakdown of what to consider with each style.

  • Briefs typically lack the broad coverage of other styles, but they offer superior support, a sleeker fit, and the occasional lift in the back.
  • Boxers let the boys hang loose. The airy feel improves comfort while you relax around the house.
  • Boxer briefs combine the best of both worlds: You get the support of a brief and the appearance of a boxer.
  • Trunks look similar to boxer briefs, but with tighter fits and improved support. If a jockstrap feels a little too sexy, you might consider trunks for working out.
  • Jockstraps support your boys while reducing friction and improving breathability—both great traits for vigorous workouts.

Keep Comfort in Mind

Kinetic Punch Hole Trunks by Jack AdamsOnce you’ve settled on a cut, you’ll want to think about how a pair might feel on your body. After all, life’s too short to pick and pull at uncomfortable underwear all day long.

Here are a few questions to ask yourself when debating a particular pair:

  • Do you want something tight? If so, is the underwear made from a breathable material that improves ventilation?
  • How does a cut reflect your particular build? For instance, cyclists with muscular thighs might want opt for a size or cut that accounts for their shape.
  • Are you an active athlete or weekend warrior? Look for breathable materials and other innovations that improve ventilation and prevent chafing. (The Kinetic Punch Hole Briefs, Trunks, and Jockstrap from Jack Adams use a cotton punch-hole fabric that improves air circulation, keeps you dry, and ensures all-day comfort.)

But comfort isn’t just how a pair of underwear fits your body; it’s also a state of mind. Will you feel confident in a pair of low-rise briefs? Will you feel self-conscious in a pair of tight-fitting trunks? We think you look great either way, but don’t be shy about seeking a pair that simply feels good.

Look for Dependability and Durability

LUX Fulcrum Trunks by Jack AdamsOnce you’ve found a style that feels comfortable, it’s important to keep the big picture in mind: How will this pair of underwear feel in six months or two years?

Cotton is among the most popular underwear materials, but its construction won’t necessarily stand up to long-term use, athletic activity, or washing machines.

Keep an eye out for materials that blend comfort and durability. MicroModal is one popular material, made from a Beech tree wood fiber, that feels like a second skin when you slip it on. The cozy fabric also resists shrinkage, won’t pill, and won’t fade with repeated washings. LUX Fulcrum Trunks and Briefs by Jack Adams are made from the luxurious material, and each includes a vented mesh side panel that keeps you comfortable at the gym.

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