We know what you’re thinking: Not another Father’s Day Gift Guide. Like us, you’re probably tired of the same staid sweaters, gaudy whiskeys, and gimmicky gadgets.

But Jack Adams isn’t your Dad’s underwear brand. Rather than an expensive indulgence, why not treat yourself—or your loved one—to a gift they’ll use and love, whether at the gym or in the boardroom?

Here at Jack Adams, we design underwear and activewear for today’s Dad. Our designs reflect an athletic, yet stylish sensibility, and our lines speak to different needs. So whether you’re shopping for yourself or giving your sweetie a few ideas, see what’s new and fun with our Father’s Day Gift Guide.

Style and Comfort: Pop Collection Trunks and Briefs

Pop Collection Briefs by Jack AdamsWe get that it’s a cliche: Mom gets flowers and breakfast in bed for Mother’s Day, while Dad’s gets a new package of underwear.

We think you deserve better than a cheap pair of boxers or tighty-whiteys from a big box store. For a gift you’ll look forward to receiving, try on our Pop Collection Trunks and Briefs.

The Pop Collection’s comfortable cotton blend moves with your body, and a contoured pouch provides support and breathability. Not just that, but you’ll love the Pop Collection’s selection of six vivid colors, from a sunshine-bright yellow to an ocean-hued blue that recalls a day at the beach.

Support for the Modern Dad: Kinetic Punch Hole Briefs and Trunks

Kinetic Punch Hole Trunks by Jack AdamsAs a modern Dad, you aren’t just weeding in the garden and running to the store on Saturday afternoon. Whether you’re jogging around the neighborhood or hitting the gym after work, you want a pair of underwear that keeps up with your lifestyle.

We think our Kinetic Punch Hole Briefs and Kinetic Punch Hole Trunks are up to the task. Each cut, available in two stylish colorways, is made from a durable cotton punch-hole fabric that improves airflow, cuts down on chafing, and keeps your boys cool—even in the midst of grueling workouts.

For Dads on the Go: MUV Sports Trunks and Briefs

MUV Sports Trunks by Jack AdamsYou’re a busy guy, and you want to know your underwear will deliver long-lasting comfort—no matter the circumstances or conditions. We get it, and that’s why we’ve introduced our MUV Sports Trunks and MUV Sports Briefs.

Our MUV Collection—now available in a stylish indigo—is supportive in all the right places. A contoured pouch keeps your package nestled and safe, while a specially-designed rear gives your backside a subtle lift. In addition to protecting your package, the supportive pouch improves airflow and keeps your inner thighs cool, dry, and comfortable.

We’ve also added a mesh cooling zone panel above the package for improved ventilation. With additional airflow, you’ll stay dry, fresh, and cozy on long rides, runs, and other endurance workouts.

(Featured image by slgckgc / Flickr)

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