Whenever the weather cooperates, you’re likely to find the Jack Adams brain trust enjoying the natural beauty outside our home base in Portland, Ore. You might see us on the trails at the 4,000-acre Forest Park, cycling around one of the most bike-friendly cities in the United States, or paddling on one of the region’s many rivers.

No matter the activity, you’ll undoubtedly find us getting some fresh air on Saturday, June 10, which happens to be National Get Outdoors Day.

The outdoors is a big part of our lives, and we think you see that in our athletic underwear, activewear, and swimwear. We take pride in designing breathable underwear that looks great, offers superior comfort, and includes flourishes to enhance the athletic experience.

There’s no better time to see for yourself than on National Get Outdoors Day. Whether you’re paddling, hiking, running, or riding around your favorite public land this weekend, we hope you have underwear that’s up to the task. Here’s how Jack Adams can help.

For the Runner: Striker Jock Briefs

Striker Jock Briefs by Jack AdamsWe’ll have more about Striker Jock Briefs soon, but we’re excited to share an exclusive sneak peek at the innovative underwear.

The specially-designed underwear offers the support of a brief and the protection of a jock—not to mention breathable features that keep you dry and cool.

Designed and engineered for distance running, Striker’s gap on the back keeps butt sweat at bay and promises improved breathability that prevents pooling sweat, chafing, and other annoyances. The rear straps also give your backside a slight lift, so you’ll have support when and where you need it the most.

For the Hiker: Cross Train Trunks, Briefs, and Jockstrap

Forget being noticed. Be remembered with our Cross Train trunks, briefs, and jockstrap.

The all-around athletic underwear sports an innovative design that deftly blends fashion and function. A protective pouch keeps the boys safe and in place, and the breathable material improves air circulation for added comfort. No matter how tough the trail might look, you’ll be ready with Trainer Trunks.

For the Trail Runner: Trainer Trunk

Trainer Trunks by Jack Adams
Trainer Trunks by Jack Adams

The rankings don’t lie: Men’s Health named our Trainer Trunks one of its 10 Athletic Spring Underwear Picks in 2013, and Faveable called the trunks one of the 10 best pairs of athletic underwear for runners in 2017.

Give your boys the breathability they enjoy and the support they deserve with the functional, stylish Trainer Trunks.

The pair’s secret weapon is a supportive, full-front pouch. The anatomical support keeps the boys nestled in place, so they won’t bounce around as you run up or down a trail. The design also keeps your inner legs dry, which cuts down on chafing, odors, and other sweaty nuisances.

Not just that, but the Trainer’s form-fitting cut moves with your body. This keeps the underwear from riding up your thigh, getting bunched under your clothes, and causing discomfort on long trail runs.

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