(New to the “Underwear 101” series? Here’s a primer.)

Here at Jack Adams, we pride ourselves on a lot of what we produce and sell. We enjoy offering breathable comfort for the athletic man; take pride in high-quality, durable materials; and do our best to deliver fashion-forward designs.

But the one thing we’re most proud of might be the supportive pouch. The small bit of flair has some big benefits for your boys, so we’re going to share some background on the pouch, explain why the pouch matters, and show when the pouch comes in handy.

What is the Pouch?

Simply put: The supportive pouch is a small bit of fabric on the frontside of most pairs of Jack Adams underwear. This pouch cups your boys and his buddy to offer more support than a conventional pair of underwear.

Why Should You Care About the Pouch?

Air Trainer Boxer Briefs by Jack AdamsYou deserve better than underwear that doesn’t deliver support, comfort, and breathability to your most important assets. Here’s why the pouch comes in handy:

  • Additional support: That additional support improves comfort and confidence, and it might even add a subtle touch of sexiness.
  • Improved safety: With your boys nestled in place, they’re less apt to be injured on the basketball court or football field.
  • Better breathability: The pouch prevents sweat from pooling or running down your leg, which stops chaffing, improves ventilation, and cuts down on odors.
  • Day-to-day comfort: Even if you’re not working up a sweat, you deserve comfort that lasts. Our Air Trainer Boxer Briefs, complete with a contoured pouch and easy-access fly, are made from a MicroModal that feels like a second skin—assuming you feel anything at all.
  • Less sweaty stickiness: Let’s be honest: Don’t you hate when your sweaty nether regions stick to the side of your leg? So do we. The pouch puts a stop to that.

Where Will the Pouch Come in Handy?

All Sport X Fly JockStill not convinced? Here’s where the supportive pouch might keep you dry, cool, and comfortable:

  • Running: The pouch nestles your boys and keeps them from bouncing around while running. Our Trainer Trunks go the distance, thanks to a supportive pouch and hugging fit that moves with your body.
  • Hiking: You won’t have to worry about sweat running down your leg or pooling in your underwear while conquering an epic hike.
  • Playing sports: Whether you’re playing touch football, basketball, soccer, or other light-contact sports, the pouch keeps your boys out of harm’s way. Our All Sport X Fly Jock helps ensure your boys stay in place when the action gets intense.
  • Cross training: Hitting the gym? Whether you’re weight training, rowing, running on the treadmill, or walking on the elliptical, the pouch improves breathability, comfort, and ventilation around your inner thighs and nether regions.

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