It started as the weapon of choice for every grade-school bully, evolved into a paralyzing fear among outcasts in high school, and becomes a painful annoyance to every active man in adulthood. The mere mention is enough to strike fear into the heartiest of men, and its presence induces anger, frustration, and no small level of discomfort.

We are referring, of course, to the wedgie.

Striker Jock Briefs by Jack AdamsAs an active man, you’ve likely encountered your share of mid-workout wedgies. Maybe your underwear ran up your leg on the treadmill or trail, or perhaps it bunched up on a long bike ride. No matter when, where, or how it happened, odds are good you gritted your teeth and made a beeline for the locker room as soon as possible.

We feel your pain, and we’re here to help: Jack Adams is excited to introduce the Striker Jock Brief.

Available in two stylish colorways, the Striker Jock Briefs make wedgies a thing of the past. We’ve cut the butt out of this pair to eliminate bunching, but we think you’ll find a lot more to love about the Striker Jock Brief:

  • Breathable design: With no rear panel, you’ll enjoy improved ventilation, breathability, and airflow. This keeps you dry, prevents sweat from pooling, and cuts down on chafing.
  • Superior comfort: The Striker Jock Brief is made from a soft cotton blend that moves with your body and delivers a form-hugging fit.
  • Added support: You’ll enjoy the unique design, which blends the classic brief style in the front and the lift of a jock in the back.

Say goodbye to wedgies forever, and check out the new Striker Jock Brief from Jack Adams today.

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