What do you remember about high school athletics? Maybe you recall grueling practices, long bus rides between games, or your parents cheering wildly in the first row.

Chances are, you’ve blocked out memories of that embarrassing icon of high school athletics: The jockstrap.

Cross Train Jockstrap by Jack AdamsWith the introduction of the Cross Train Jockstrap, we at Jack Adams want to change all that.

We know you hated the jock in high school, but we’ve engineered the Cross Train Jockstrap to provide the kind of comfort, style, and fit you never had with those itchy undergarments back in the day.

Specifically, here’s how the Cross Train Jockstrap stands up to modern challenges, puts a fresh spin on the time-worn classic, and helps improve your workout:

  • Supportive: We’ve designed the Cross Train Jockstrap with a contoured pouch to keep your boys nestled and out of harm’s way, whether on the hardwood, soccer pitch, or football field.
  • Breathable: The supportive pouch prevents sweat from pooling, cuts chafing, and keeps your boys cool and dry.
  • Comfortable: We’ve reworked everything you hated about your high school jock. The cotton blend provides durable softness, and an elastic waistband moves with your body.
  • Stylish: Available in three bold colorways, the Cross Train Jockstrap features a sporty, masculine design modernizes the classic jockstrap look.

There’s never been a better time to get over that high-school angst, up your workout game, and give yourself more support and comfort. Check out the Cross Train Jockstrap by Jack Adams today.

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