From an early age, we’re exposed to all manner of underwear myths, half-truths, and outright lies. Some of us were lead to believe that only Mom should buy our underwear, while others believe that sleeping naked is somehow healthier for us.

In this era of Fake News, we believe in getting to the bottom of these myths and delivering the truth about your underwear. Here are five persistent myths—and their surprising realities.

Myth: You Should Sleep Commando

Reality: We’re not sure where this came from, but it’s a common belief that sleeping in the nude is somehow healthier or better for your boys. Truth is, it’s not.

At the end of the day, it’s about comfort. If you feel better sleeping in the nude, go for it. If you’d rather slip on a cozy pair of briefs or trunks, you’re fine to do so. Either way, your underwear (or lack thereof) won’t impact your health.

Myth: Big Box Store Underwear is Fine

LUX Briefs by Jack AdamsReality: When buying a five- or six-pack at your neighborhood big box store, “fine” is as good as you’ll find. Sure, you’ll save a few pennies over the premium stuff, but you’re trading quality for underwear that’s quick to fray, isn’t breathable, fades after a few washes, and doesn’t contour to your body.

Swap the cheap cotton for something more refined and comfortable. Our LUX Briefs and Trunks are made from a luxurious Lenzing MicroModal fabric. Cool to the touch, absorbent, and similar in texture to silk or cotton, the cozy material resists shrinkage and won’t fade or pill. After all: Isn’t quality and comfort worth a few extra dollars?

Myth: Only Our Moms and Wives Buy Underwear

Reality: Everyone has memories of childhood birthday parties and holidays marred by the embarrassing gift of underwear. And for many adults, we don’t realize we need new underwear until our significant other sends a message with a few new pairs.

It’s time to let go of that myth and indulge your boys every once in awhile. Underwear has come along way in recent years, thanks to breathable materials that improve comfort, cutting-edge designs, and subtle improvements that warrant a second look. One such enhancement is the supportive pouch, which is a standard feature in numerous Jack Adams pieces, including the Air Trainer Boxer Brief and Trainer Trunk.

Myth: It’s All About Function, Not Comfort

Kinetic Punch Hole Trunks by Jack AdamsReality: Many of us view underwear no differently than socks or undershirts: They’re something of a necessary evil, and we pay roughly as much attention to different styles as we do the monthly cable bill.

If that sounds familiar, you’re missing out.

Modern underwear, especially styles geared toward athletic men, goes beyond the basics to include cutting-edge features that enhance comfort and breathability. For instance, our Kinetic Punch-Hole Trunks and Sport Tek Briefs are made with an innovative punch-hole fabric to improve airflow and keep you cool.

Myth: Cotton is Suited for Grueling Workouts

Striker Jock Brief by Jack AdamsReality: If you’re wearing cotton boxers or tighty-whiteys to the gym, you’re missing out on a more comfortable workout.

Cotton underwear keeps moisture close to your body, which slows evaporation, weighs you down, improves the chances of chafing, allows sweat to pool, and leads to unpleasant odors.

Stick with something breathable that’s designed for intense activity. In particular, our Striker Collection is made from a breathable material that moves with your body and keeps you comfortable. The Striker Jock Brief eschews a rear panel that pairs the style of a brief with the support of a jock, while the Striker Brief and Striker Trunk promise a durable, yet stylish pair that keeps up with your intense workouts.

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