(New to the “Underwear 101” series? Here’s a primer.)

We’re switching things up a bit for this week’s installment of “Underwear 101.” Rather than explain underwear basics or helpful features (like the supportive pouch you know and love), we want to share a bit of our story, show how we developed a variety of underwear for the modern athletic man, and demonstrate the care that goes into every style we design.

In the Beginning

Several years back, the Jack Adams braintrust—Matt and Kevin—moved to Portland, Oregon, drawn to the region by the city’s friendly residents, laid-back lifestyle, and beautiful weather.

But that’s not all.

Like so many others in recent years, they found themselves enamored with the region’s natural beauty and incredible outdoor culture. They rode bikes around Portland, hiked in the city and the nearby Columbia River Gorge, played kickball in the park, and even joined a dragon boat team that raced on the Willamette River.

Inspiration All Around Us

No matter where they went or what they did, Matt and Kevin realized the importance of quality underwear that could stand up to those outdoor adventures (and routine gym trips). Specifically, they understood how essential it was to feel good and look good—even in the midst of an intense workout.

So what really matters when it comes to athletic underwear? Here’s how Jack Adams approaches each design:

  • Breathable material: Don’t let Portland’s rain-beleaguered reputation fool you: Temperatures can soar each summer, and no man wants to be caught chafing in stuffy underwear.
  • Comfortable fit: Long bike rides and grueling hikes demand underwear that feels good, whether because of an elastic waistband, soft material, or hugging form fit.
  • Supportive: Loose-fitting underwear can cause wedgies to form and sweat to pool; a supportive design keeps your boys in place, dry, and out of harm’s way.
  • Stylish design: Flannel and denim are so 20 years ago. These days, Portlanders covet a high-quality, trend-setting design, and our underwear reflects that sentiment wherever they’re shipped.

A Piece of Portland In Our Designs

How does Portland’s amazing outdoor scene inspire us to create cutting-edge underwear for all kinds of workouts? Here’s are a few of our favorite pieces—and how they reflect the city we call “home.”

Hawthorne Trunks: Named for one of the Rose City’s most iconic boulevards, these snug-fitting trunks keep the boys in place, and the cotton/modal blend ensures satisfaction as long as you’re working up a sweat. (Not just that, but the lime-colored pair is almost as vibrant and playful as the street musicians and larger-than-life characters that hang out on Hawthorne.)

Old School 2.5 Jockstrap by Jack AdamsOld School 2.5 Jockstrap: Riding in the World Naked Bike Ride this year? If you’re fascinated by Portland’s quirky culture but don’t feel comfortable enough to let it all hang out, try this supportive jock. The rear straps have been engineered for greater support, and the waistband has been designed for lasting softness—both good qualities when riding around town.

LUX Fulcrum Collection: Few Jack Adams designs blend sporty style with essential comforts like our LUX Fulcrum briefs and trunks. The underwear includes a kinetic mesh side panel for breathability during long workouts, and the 95% modal material promises superior comfort—whether you’re sitting down at one of Portland’s great restaurants or hitting the trail on Saturday morning.

Kinetic Punch Hole Brief: Stay cool, even as temperatures rise, with a piece of underwear almost as innovative as the creative minds at Voodoo Doughnut. These stylish briefs sport a cotton punch-hole fabric that ensures breathability and keeps airflow going.

(Featured image courtesy of tpsdave / Pixabay)

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