Independence Day is fast approaching, which means backyard barbecues, cold beer, long days at the beach, and spectacular firework displays.

However you choose to celebrate, we hope you make Jack Adams part of your plans. Our breathable underwear keeps you cool on hot summer days, our swimwear helps you look even better at the beach, and our activewear delivers superior comfort, even in the midst of long hikes or bike rides.

Even better: Much of our selection is available in red, white, and blue. Here’s a look at our patriotic offerings ahead of the long holiday weekend.

Friendly reminder: Jack Adams ships every order within 24 to 36 hours, except on weekends and holidays. Order now to ensure you’re outfitted with the right gear for a fun Fourth of July weekend.


Relay Trunks and Briefs

Enjoy game-changing comfort with Relay Trunks and Relay Briefs from Jack Adams. Available in red and white (with a subtle navy flair along the waistband), our Relay Collection is made from a premium cotton blend, and its supportive pouch keeps everything in place. Uncle Sam would be proud.

Triumph Collection

Triumph Trunks by Jack AdamsWe know you love Jack Adams for our supportive fits, but the Triumph Collection sports a patriotic mix of red, white, and blue for added style and a little flair.

Available as a trunk, brief, or jockstrap, the Triumph Collection sports a navy and white sailor stripe print running along the legs, and the front panel is made from a vintage pique fabric for added softness.

Chevron Briefs

You’ll want to feel good around the barbecue over Independence Day Weekend. Fortunately, our Chevron Briefs offer the perfect blend of patriotic style and necessary breathability.

The front panel of the sexy sailor-style, low-cut brief is made from a premium cotton blend, and the sides and rear are made from a cotton punch-hole fabric that increases airflow, improves breathability, and reduces chafing.


Atlas Racer 2.0

Atlas Racer 2.0 by Jack AdamsWhat’s more American than spending the Fourth of July at the beach or in the pool?

Arrive prepared with the Atlas Racer 2.0. Available in red with white and blue accents, the Atlas Racer 2.0 is made from Microsense, a microfiber fabric that feels like velvet, adds a touch of sexiness, and dries quickly. The swimwear’s loose-fit front and wide waist finish help ensure all-day comfort.

Triumph Boxer Racer

We’ve already covered the Triumph underwear collection, but the Triumph Boxer Racer looks (and feels) just as great in the pool.

The Triumph Boxer Racer is made from an innovative microfiber fabric (Microsense) that feels like velvet but has already started drying by the time you reach for your towel. It’s styled with a loose-fit front and wide waist finish for added comfort.


Relay Air Collection

Whether you’re shopping for gym shorts, track shorts, or tank tops, you’ll find a stylish mix of red, white, and blue with our Relay Air Collection. The pieces are designed with a sports-grade, lightweight mesh for comfortable workouts.

(Featured image courtesy of PublicDomainPhotos / Pixabay)

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