Every summer, nearly 10,000 cyclists gather in our adopted hometown of Portland, Oregon, for the World Naked Bike Ride. Roughly 70 cities in 20 countries around the world stage their own naked bike rides each year, but Portland’s has gained acclaim for its sheer size (no pun intended), creativity, and sense of community.

Portland’s annual event is coming up on June 24, 2017. That night, thousands of riders will gear up with sound systems, glow-in-the-dark lights, and other accessories in Northeast Portland; strip down to their skivvies (or further); and ride around the Rose City—all while thousands of onlookers gawk and cheer from the sidewalk.

At its core, the ride is a protest. Some rail against our collective dependence on oil, others use the event to promote body positivity and self-acceptance, and others use the ride to highlight the vulnerability of cyclists (even clothed) on public roadways.

Whatever the reason, it’s a memorable experience for all involved. But what if certain riders don’t feel comfortable stripping down entirely? Outside a helmet and shoes, the dress code is “as bare as you dare.” For some, that means riding naked; others, meanwhile, choose to ride in their underwear.

Not quite ready to bare all in front of thousands? If you’re riding in the World Naked Bike Ride this summer—whether in Portland or elsewhere—we have a few suggestions for staying comfortable in the saddle.

Old School 2.5 Jockstrap

Old School 2.5 Jockstrap by Jack Adams

We know you hated jocks in high school, which is why we’ve reinvented the itchy undergarment with our Old School 2.5 Jockstrap.

You’ll appreciate a soft material that won’t pinch your body, thanks to a wide, 2.5-inch waistband. We’ve also widened the rear straps to provide additional support, a subtle lift, and the kind of durability that stands up to long bike rides.

Pop Collection Underwear

In a crowd of thousands, you’ll stand out with our brightly-colored Pop Collection. Available in briefs or trunks, the Pop Collection comes in six eye-popping colors. Lemons look pale next to our bright yellow trunks, while the deep black briefs convey a subtle sexiness and a little mystery.

You’ll love more than the colors; the Pop Collection is made from an ultra-soft cotton blend that offers lasting comfort, and the contoured pouch keeps the boys nestled, safe, and supported.

Striker Jock Brief

Striker Jock Brief by Jack AdamsWhen you can’t decide whether to bare down or leave a little to the imagination, split the difference with our new Striker Jock Brief.

The innovative underwear combines the style of a brief with the support of a jock. The resulting jock brief eschews a rear panel, which eliminates wedgies, prevents sweat from pooling, and improves airflow for breathability. If you can’t bring yourself to bare all, it’s a playful alternative that keeps you cool and fresh for the whole ride.

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