In recent years, climate change and “green” practices have made headlines around the globe. Whether it’s ongoing controversy over the Paris Agreement or worldwide businesses embracing renewable energy, there’s little doubt that environmental best practices are on the minds of consumers, wherever and however they shop.

We at Jack Adams understand that, which is why we’re proud to embrace environmentally-friendly and ethical manufacturing processes. Here’s how we do right by the environment—and take care of the people stitching together your favorite pair of Jack Adams underwear.

Using Eco-Friendly Dyes

Between harmful chemicals, heavy water use, and the need for intense heat, the dye process is one of the most environmentally harmful steps of the manufacturing cycle.

We’ve taken steps to minimize our impact on the environment by incorporating eco-friendly dyes into all of our products. Our dyes are water-based and don’t contain arsenic or formamide. (Ever open a package of underwear or T-shirts and notice a funny smell? That’s due to the chemicals.)


Recycling and Reusing Water


Image courtesy of ronymichaud / Pixabay

Our commitment to cleanliness doesn’t end with water-based dyes; we also clean and reuse the water used in the dying process, as well.

We reuse water to create energy and heat throughout the manufacturing plant. For instance, the excess water following the dye color process runs through the pipes under the plant floor or through its walls to create heat throughout the facility. This, in turn, saves on energy needs and resources. Once the water heats the facility, it is cleaned and used again for the next dye color process.

Following Strict Standards

Fabric and Stitching

Image courtesy of Myriams-Fotos / Pixabay

Our garments are manufactured in Portugal, in accordance with exhaustive European Union standards. This means several things for our workers and products:

  • All employees are paid living wages.
  • All fabric and dye testing must meet standards that outpace any in North America.

(Featured image courtesy of geralt / Pixabay)

One thought on “Underwear 101: The Importance of Responsible Manufacturing

  1. Great! It’s difficult to find sustainable and ethical clothing of any kind, but especially underwear. It’s really amazing to see a company dedicated to just that.


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