Cross Train Briefs - Royal Blue and Yellow by Jack AdamsThe word “support” can mean many things. Maybe you support a charity with monthly donations. Perhaps you lean on coworkers for support in the office. You might even rely on an ergonomic chair to support your aching back. (Hey, it happens to the best of us.)

But what if underwear offered a little support, as well?

Jack Adams is excited to announce the release of the Cross Train brief and trunk in an all-new royal blue and yellow colorway. The new release keeps your boys in place and offers long-lasting, supportive comfort that stands up to your busy schedule and day-to-day challenges.

Cross Train Trunk by Jack AdamsMade from an innovative blend of cotton and elastane, the Cross Train Collection aims to answer the simple question: How can underwear truly support a man, whether he’s in the office, around the house, or on the town?

Here’s how Cross Train lends a helping hand:

  • Contoured pouch: Our signature pouch keeps the boys nestled and protected, prevents chafing, and adds a little sexiness to your look.
  • Stylish design: Granted, this isn’t “supportive” in the technical sense, but the new colorway sports a fashionable mix of royal blue and yellow, with subtle black and white accents.
  • Innovative material: Our lightweight, yet breathable cotton blend offers comfortable coziness.
  • Body-Hugging Fit: Cross Train delivers an athletic cut and fit that moves with your body.
  • Comfortable waistband: The elastic waistband won’t pinch or contract as you move throughout the day.

Whether you’re eyeing the all-new blue-and-yellow colorway, prefer the spicy lime-and-white blend, or enjoy the other, more traditional color combinations, you’ll find a lot to love about the Cross Train boxers and briefs.

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