If you’re anything like us, you’ve had the Independence Day Weekend circled on your calendar for months. The holiday might fall on a Tuesday this year, but that won’t stop us from getting out of town and enjoying quality time with friends and family.

It’s not all fun and games, though; holiday travel may mean some infuriating combination of air travel, long drives, extreme temperatures, heavy traffic, and other nuisances.

Whether you’re fighting traffic or relaxing at your destination, you deserve to feel comfortable and confident in whatever you wear. We’re happy to offer a few ideas for feeling good on the flight, in the car, and around the campfire. Enjoy your holiday weekend.

On the Flight: LUX Drift Collection

LUX Drift Brief by Jack AdamsIf you’re jetsetting this holiday weekend, you’ve already braced yourself for cramped flights, a total lack of legroom, marathon sprints between terminals, and other frustrating quirks of air travel.

Get comfortable, no matter the circumstances, with our LUX Drift Collection. The luxurious briefs and trunks are made from Lenzing MicroModal, which feels cool to the touch and is similar in texture to silk and cotton. The flexible, yet durable material moves with your body, so you won’t feel the urge to tug, pull, and grab at ill-fitting underwear in row 22B in the midst of a cross-country flight.

At the Campground: Relaxed Pants

Thousands of us will pack up the car, drive into the woods, set up tents, and spend a good portion of our holiday weekend huddled around a campfire.

If that sounds familiar, try a pair of our Relaxed Pants to stay warm once the sun sets and temperatures drop. The lightweight pants are made from a premium cotton and elastane blend for superior comfort, and a drawstring lets you decide how loose or tight you want them to fit around your waist.

At the Lake House: Yoga Shorts

Yoga Shorts by Jack AdamsDo your holiday plans involve relaxing by the lake, preferably with a cold drink in hand and the sun at your back? If so, slip into a pair of Yoga Shorts for a feel that’s nearly as relaxing as the outdoor setting.

The shorts’ sleekly minimalist design makes it perfect for yoga, lounging, hiking, or walking around the shore. Thanks to premium cotton construction, the shorts are breathable and easily move with your body, and a stretch waistband provides lasting comfort.

Around the Pool: Vintage 1″ Racers

If the hotel pool calls to you this weekend, slip into a pair of our Vintage 1″ Racers.

The vintage design sports a retro style inspired by the ‘50s, and you’ll love the lightweight feel and quick-drying polyester. A contoured pouch provides additional support, and an inner no-slip drawstring lets you control how tight or loose the Racers feel on your body.

In the Car: MÜV Sports Trunks

MUV Sports Trunks by Jack AdamsFor many of us, the long holiday weekend entails hours-long drives. Make the long road trips a little more bearable with a pair of MÜV Sports Trunks.

The MÜV Collection is supportive in all the right places and includes a mesh panel that keeps you cool, dry, and fresh—no matter how long you spend behind the wheel.

The premium cotton and elastane blend moves with your body, so it won’t bunch up and cause discomfort while you’re stuck in traffic.

(Featured image by Unsplash / Pixabay)

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