With summer in full swing, there are few better ways to pass the time than a fun soccer match with friends. Whether we’re kicking the ball around the park or cheering on the Portland Timbers—we are based in Soccer City, U.S.A., after all—we at Jack Adams love the beautiful game in all its forms.

Judging by the all-out matches we see around town, we’re not alone. Whether you play casually with friends or in a local rec league, you’ll want a pair of underwear that’s sporty, tough, and match-fit. No matter which position you play, we have a few ideas to help you earn all three points this summer. Game on.

Goalkeeper: Gridiron Jockstrap

Gridiron Jockstrap by Jack AdamsJockstraps are a bit like goalkeepers: You don’t necessarily want to rely on them all the time, but you’ll be glad when you’ve got a good one.

Our Gridiron Jockstrap might be named for the other football, but you can count on it for support, flexibility, and clutch performance. The Gridiron Jockstrap comes with a thick, 2″ waistband and contoured front pouch for durable support, and the mesh, moisture-wicking fabric won’t let sweat pool or cause chafing when the match is on the line.

Defense: Kinetic Punch Hole Brief

As a defensemen on the backline, it’s important you stay cool, calm, and collected—kind of like our Kinetic Punch Hole Brief.

The stylish, yet durable brief is made from an innovative, one-of-a-kind cotton blend that’s engineered for comfort and breathability. The fabric moves with your body, whether you’re making a well-timed tackle or a push up the pitch, and its breathable features mean you’ll keep cool and dry until the final whistle.

Midfielder: MÜV Sports Trunk

MUV Sports Trunks by Jack AdamsAs a midfielder, you don’t get a moment of rest. Whether you’re a box-to-box midfielder hustling all over the pitch or a central midfielder who spends the match fighting for possession, you need a pair of underwear as tough, durable, and versatile as you are.

Our MÜV Sports Trunk sports a mesh cooling zone panel on the front to keep you cool, dry, and fresh well into stoppage time. Available in three sporty colorways, the trunk is made from a breathable cotton blend and features a contoured pouch for added support.

Forward: Striker Trunk

As if we could have chosen anything else for the forward hungry for goals.

Our Striker Trunk is made from a breathable, premium cotton blend that moves with your body and offers game-changing comfort. Our signature contoured pouch keeps your own personal soccer balls nestled and out of harm’s way while reducing chafing, improving ventilation, and offering game-changing support.

(Featured photo by jarmoluk / Pixabay)

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