Back in the day, underwear shopping was easy: We reached for the nearest multipack of basic cotton tighty-whiteys or boxers and called it good for another six months.

These days, though, we’ve never enjoyed so much access to high-quality underwear, available in several materials, styles, and designs. Armed with synthetic materials and innovative designs, we can now find underwear suited to our busy lifestyles and favored workouts.

With so many styles to sort through, it’s hard to know where to start. As part of our “Underwear 101” series, we break down some of the most popular styles, when you’d wear them, and how Jack Adams can help.


Lux Fulcrum Briefs by Jack AdamsWe’ve all got at least one pair of briefs lurking in our underwear drawer. Briefs leave the leg exposed and offer superior support while working out. (There’s no easy way to say this, but men with larger packages tend to enjoy briefs—a contoured pouch provides the best possible support.)

Why you’ll love them: Briefs go with everything—jeans, shorts, whatever you’re rocking—and come in a variety of designs, styles, and rises that make them a versatile addition to any man’s wardrobe.

When to wear them: Briefs are popular for a reason: You can wear them in almost every scenario. They’re reliable for everyday, casual wear around the house or on the go, and the breathable styles provide plenty of support at the gym.

Briefs from Jack Adams: We carry a wide range of stylish briefs. You’ll find sporty, fashionable, and comfortable pairs in a variety of styles and designs.


Boxers offer a more relaxed, looser fit than any other style and usually cover most of the thigh. These let the boys hang loose for added comfort but don’t provide any support.

Why you’ll love them: There are few more comfortable styles for lounging around and relaxing, but boxers stand up to a moderately busy, somewhat demanding schedule.

When to wear them: Boxers are suited to light to moderate workouts, and they offer incredible comfort when you’re traveling or running errands.

Boxer Briefs

Air Trainer Boxer Briefs by Jack AdamsBoxer briefs combine the best of both worlds: You get the support and snugness of a brief, coupled with the relaxed fit and appearance of a boxer.

Why you’ll love them: Boxer briefs are designed to prevent chafing and offer additional support, so you won’t have to worry about swapping pairs before working out.

When to wear them: Boxer briefs are among the most versatile type of underwear available. You’ll love the support and comfort while going about your day-to-day business, and you’ll appreciate the breathability at the gym.

Boxer Briefs from Jack Adams: We carry a wide variety of boxer briefs, many of which include a contoured pouch for superior support and comfort. The pouch helps keep your boys nestled and your nether regions dry.


Pop Collection Briefs and Trunks by Jack AdamsWe talked about boxer briefs, which combine elements of a brief and a boxer, but the trunk offers another kind of hybrid style. Trunks usually cover about one-third of the thigh, similar to a boxer brief, but offer the snugness of a brief. You can recognize a trunk pretty quickly, thanks to its square-ish cut.

Why you’ll love them: The trunk’s sleek design and minimalist cut make it a classic accessory to whatever you’d like to wear, whether you fancy a pair of gym shorts or some comfortable slacks.

When to wear them: You can never really go wrong with trunks, but we’re partial to a pair while working out. The design provides support and breathability, and the shorter cut moves with your body for a less-restrictive workout.

Trunks from Jack Adams: Our selection of trunks delivers a mix of cutting-edge style, support, comfort, and durability. No workout is complete without a pair.


Cross Train Jockstrap by Jack AdamsThe bane of every high school athlete, jockstraps are characterized by a thick, elastic waistband; a supportive pouch in the front; and a pair of straps, rather than a panel, in the rear. These features help reduce friction, improve breathability, and provide support for long workouts.

Why you’ll love them: That pouch lifts your boys away from the body, creating a cooler, fresher experience than briefs or other styles.

When to wear them: Save your jockstrap for grueling workouts. Cyclists enjoy the breathability, while athletes engaging in team sports appreciate the protection.

Jockstraps from Jack Adams: Our jockstraps include a number of features for added comfort. You’ll get wider waistbands that won’t pinch your body, thicker straps for added support, and breathable materials for a cooler workout.


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