MUV Sports Trunks by Jack AdamsWe’ve all been there before: In the midst of a grueling workout, we feel the sweat starting to pool. We bristle at the chafing, and we get distracted by that clammy sensation under our clothes.

There are few worse feelings than realizing our underwear has wilted in the midst of an exacting workout. Once we first notice the sweat-soaked material clinging to our legs and a creeping chafing sensation, it’s game over for a fun or enjoyable workout.

Fortunately, Jack Adams has developed the MÜV Sports Brief and MÜV Sports Trunk to combat this pressing issue.

The MÜV Collection sports a distinctive mesh cooling zone panel just above your boys, designed to keep your nether regions cool, dry, and fresh. The panel promises game-changing comfort by increasing breathability, improving airflow, and allowing sweat to evaporate more quickly than with conventional underwear.

Here are a few other features we think you’ll love about MÜV:

  • Premium Material: MÜV’s soft cotton blend offers everyday comfort, whether in the office or at the gym.
  • Stylish: MÜV is available in three fashionable colorways with contrasting seams, ensuring you’ll look and feel great.
  • Subtle Support: MÜV’s stylish cut offers a little lift in the front and back, and each pair sports our famous contoured pouch for additional support.

Keep cool this summer, whether in the great outdoors or at the gym, with the MÜV Sports Brief and MÜV Sports Trunk. Your boys will thank you.

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