We at Jack Adams are fond of breathable underwear. It feels great, keeps us cool, goes with anything, and stands up to hot, humid weather. Most of our underwear and activewear is breathable to one degree or another, and our customers rave about our trunks, briefs, and jocks that keep them dry and fresh.

“Breathable” has become one of the industry’s biggest buzzwords in recent years (not that we’re entirely innocent here), but what does that word really mean, and why should you care? We offer this basic primer.

The Basics of Breathable

More or less: “Breathable” means the fabric is woven in a manner that allows air to pass through the material. The more airflow created by a breathable pair of underwear, the less your sweat is “trapped” between you skin and the garment—and the cooler your body stays while wearing that particular fabric.

Non-breathable material, on the other hand, doesn’t let air through the fabric; rather, sweat clings to your body, pools, and causes chafing. You might feel hot, clammy, and generally uncomfortable in underwear made from non-breathable materials while working out or once the temperature rises.

The Benefits of Breathable

Kinetic Punch Hole Trunks by Jack Adams
Our Kinetic Punch Hole Trunks are engineered for breathability and comfort.

There’s a lot to love about breathable materials. Here are some of our favorite features:

  • Resists Odors: Breathable materials stop sweat from pooling and allow odors to dissipate quickly, ensuring your stench won’t arrive somewhere before the rest of you.
  • Comfortable: Cotton is popular for a reason. Breathable fabrics generally offer superior comfort and a relaxed fit that flows with your body.
  • Keeps Cool: With air passing back and forth through the material, your body stays cooler and is less prone to intense, unpleasant sweating.

Be Wary of Synthetic Materials

We love polyester as much as the next guy—we use it in some of our jockstraps and tank tops—but synthetic materials (including polyester) tend to trap heat and exacerbate warmth. They also tend to repel moisture, which helps sweat build up in your nether regions.

That said, don’t write off synthetic entirely: Some synthetic underwear and jockstraps come in blended fabrics to improve breathability and enhance comfort.

Don’t Ditch Cotton

Cotton gets a bad rap. While it’s certainly breathable, it sometimes lacks the moisture-wicking properties that might otherwise make it an unimpeachable workout fabric.

That said, we love cotton for the everyday wear and, yes, the occasional gym trip.

We at Jack Adams love cotton for its many benefits. Our high-quality cotton and cotton blends are durable, so they’ll stand up to gym trips, repeated washings, and vigorous exercise. Cotton is naturally breathable; offers superior comfort; and absorbs moisture, which prevents dampness once sweat has been pulled from your skin and keeps you cool in warm, humid climates.

(Featured image courtesy of Pexels / Pixabay)

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