As the story goes, the humble jockstrap started as a solution to keep cyclists safe in the 1800s. Men rode around on cobblestone and rough streets all day, so they needed something to keep their boys in place and prevent chafing.

Enter the jockstrap.

In the centuries since, the jockstrap has received little attention and even less praise. We all hated the bulky, itchy jockstrap in high school, and we threw them away almost as soon as our last gym class ended.

We at Jack Adams think it’s time to revisit the jockstrap. We’ve designed and carry a wide range of jockstraps that have been updated with more comfortable materials, features, and styles to enhance workouts and make life more bearable for everyday wear.

To that end, here are five reasons we think you should make a jockstrap part of your underwear collection.

A Good Jockstrap Will Keep Your Boys Safe

Can you imagine playing football, soccer, or basketball in boxers? What about cycling?

With no support, your own miniature soccer balls are exposed to the elements—and the hazards that come with that. Whether a ball winds up where it shouldn’t, an errant elbow catches your groin in the middle of a game, or you’re pedaling dozens of miles, you’ll want a jock to keep your boys safe, secure, and tucked in place.

Jocks generally prevent your boys from moving around and tend to keep them in place for the duration of your workout. With a contoured pouch for added support, they’ll provide the ideal blend of comfort and confidence.

They’re More Comfortable Than You Think

Kinetic Punch Hole Jockstrap by Jack Adams
Kinetic Punch Hole Jockstrap by Jack Adams

Your old high school jock felt like an ugly Christmas sweater around your boys, so we don’t blame you for hating the feel and fit of those old-school annoyances. But you’re doing yourself a disservice by ignoring the modern advances in jockstrap materials and technology.

Our Cross Train Jockstrap, for instance, is made from a breathable, flexible cotton and elastane blend that keeps your boys cool and dry. Meanwhile, our Kinetic Punch Hole Jockstrap is vented for coolness, thanks to an innovative cotton punch-hole fabric.

Jockstraps Offer Unmatched Support

Every man wants to feel supported, whether on the gym or in the field. With their lightweight, yet supportive construction, jockstraps keep your boys safe and prevent them from dangling into harm’s way. No matter how hard you work out or which kind of exercise you enjoy, your boys will stay nestled in place and fully supported.

Your Body is Free to Breathe With a Jockstrap

Breathability is an oft-overlooked, but no less vital, benefit to wearing jockstraps.

On the front side, new and breathable fabrics allow air to pass through and keep you cool in the midst of exhausting workouts. Meanwhile, a rear devoid of fabric (other than a pair of supportive straps) prevents sweat from pooling, which reduces chafing and keeps your nether regions dry. Taken together, the features promise a more comfortable fit, whether you’ve just started your workout or are 20 miles into a grueling bike ride.

Let’s Be Real: Jockstraps Look Good

Cross Train Jockstrap by Jack Adams
Cross Train Jockstrap by Jack Adams

It’s okay to admit: There’s something slightly sexy about a jockstrap. Newer designs put more focus on accentuating your boys, and naturally, the rear shows off your assets quite well.

With a myriad color and fabric combinations at your disposal, you won’t just feel good in a Jack Adams jockstrap—you’ll look great.

4 thoughts on “Five Reasons You Should Own a Jockstrap

  1. Several years ago I found myself wanting more freedom and breathability. I’m a fellow Portlandian and felt compelled to find a pair of underwear that could withstand changes in weather. I decided to join an underwear delivery service to try out different styles and fabrics.

    I absolutely hate traditional boxers and boxer briefs. They sagg and lose support if they ever had any kind of support. A few times I’d find myself wincing because the boys were not properly supported. So I decided to choose briefs only. After a couple deliveries I noticed trunks and jocks that I thought I would try them out.

    I’ve never looked at briefs the same way. Jocks give me a freedom that commando offers, but with support. And under denim jeans my backside feels free to show off the assets of the gym. I feel sexy and confident in a way that no other garment can provide.


  2. Hi Brian, it’s great that you’ve found out how great jocks are. I can’t understand why more guys don’t wear them.


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